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Forum "Junge Theologie in Europa"

Kurs-Nr.: , 04. 04. 2018, Breslau - Wroclaw

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Termin 04. 04. 2018 12:11 –
08. 04. 2018 12:12

Ort Centrum Ewangelickie, Kazimierza Wielkiego 31-33, 50077 Breslau - Wroclaw

Kosten Conference fee: 100€

Links http://www.leuenberg.eu| Http://www.eb-hessen.de

Berufsportal Theologie

Being Protestant in Europe

Taking responsibility – giving hope – being visible

The churches that emerged from the 16th-century Reformation throughout Europe are currently experiencing changes that deeply affect their self-understanding, social status and internal structure.

The question arises as to how far the Protestant churches can reach into society. Although secular manifestations of funda-mental Protestant beliefs have permeated societies, they are no longer actually recog-nised as being "Protestant".

At this conference, we want to discuss where Protestant influences manifest themselves in our European societies and where Protestantism becomes visible. We will examine these issues with refer-ence to a range of religious-sociological and ecclesiological approaches. At the same time, we shall also consider the point at which Protestantism can and should assume responsibility and what rays of hope it can offer to society.

The conference thus aims to reveal the binding points of Protestantism in Europe.

During the course of the conference, we will explore the historic city centre of Wrocław and make excursions to Krzyżowa and Świdnica.

Krzyżowa was the meeting place of the German resistance group "Kreisau Circle". Now it is a modern conference centre. The aim of Krzyżowa is supporting peaceful and tolerant existence of nations, social groups, and individuals in Europe. Świdnica is located 8 km from Krzyżowa. In Świdnica we will visit the Church of Peace. It is named after the peace of Westphalia 1648 that permitted the Lutherans in the Roman Catholic Parts of Silesia to build churches.

The Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) links together the Protestant churches. It has 94 Lutheran, Methodist, Re-formed and United member churches in more than thirty countries throughout Europe and South America. The CPCE thus represents around 50 million Protestants in total.

The Protestant League (Evangelischer Bund) is a free association of Protestant Christians who are conscious of their responsibilities. The Prot-estant League uses information and discourse to promote a better ecumenical co-existence between Christians based on greater mutual understanding.

The Protestant League of Hesse (EBH) and the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) run a "Protestant forum for young theology in Europe" in order to facilitate

  • Exchange 
  • networking and 
  • factual debate of contemporary theological issues.

We invite young theologians aged up to 35 years!


Veranst. eb - Evangelischer Bund Hessen GEKE - Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen in Europa Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) Severin-Schreiber-Gasse 3 1180 Vienna Austria Registration and further Information: Katharina Meckbach

Telefon +43 1 479 15 23 904


E-Mail k.meckbach@leuenberg.eu

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